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Indian Students Study MBBS Abroad

Nowadays there are many options available for students to study MBBS abroad. Especially in countries like China, Russia and other …
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No any test for medical graduates, educated abroad, pass eligibility test

“It is a paradox that the Union health ministry and Niti Aayog are exempting foreign medical graduates, who seldom see …
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Good News for Students pursuing MBBS in Abroad

India is short of nearly 500,000 doctors, based on the World Health Organization (WHO) norm of 1:1,000 population. At present, …
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Why choose for Study Medicine in Abroad?

, also officially known as the  Federation is sovereign state in Northern Eurasia. is the largest country in the world …
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Kind Words From Students


Uday Singh

“Thanks so much for guiding us through our group training. I thought we covered a lot of important ground which sparked some very good discussion. I look forward to incorporating some of the key concepts as well as several of the “ah-ha” moments relative to uncovering the deeper issues with our prospective customers.”

Uday Singh

Vikas Khanna

“MBBS ABROAD has done many different things for us and they always come prepared and full of creativity. They hosted a leadership team camp that was just wonderful; it was well received by everyone involved. We give them an A++!”

Vikas Khanna

Sonalika Thakur

“We are very pleased with the professionalism, commitment and quality of work of MBBS ABROAD. Their assistance in our recruiting efforts has been extremely valuable.”

Sonalika Thakur

Priya Gehlot

“We just wanted to thank you for all of the hard work and guidance. Your assistance made us produce a great handbook for our associates and managers. It is much clearer and easier to understand. The feedback has been positive on the changes we made.”

Priya Gehlot