Indian Students Study MBBS Abroad

Nowadays there are many options available for students to study MBBS abroad. Especially in countries like China, Russia and other European countries. MBBS study in the USA is not possible as, they take only PG students for MD/MS .They have to clear an exam called USMLE to qualify as PG students. The students should be financially strong to support themselves in other countries.  Compared to previous years, there has been a tremendous jump in the number of students opting for MBBS study abroad, especially in China.

Application procedure to study MBBS Abroad

Most of the universities which take students from India have a representative office or an agent here. It’s easy to approach them and they will help students in properly guiding them regarding their career growth and other opportunities available in their countries. In addition, some educational institutions provide consultant service and online application service, which is rather effective and convenient.
Also those students, who wish to come back and start their profession in India as MBBS doctors, should see to it that the universities in which they have studied are recognized by the Medical council of India. For those institutes or colleges which are not recognized by the Medical council of India, there is an exam which is conducted by the government of India to select foreign educated MBBS degree holders to start practicing.

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